Getting Help

Any resident of the Peak-to-Peak Community who is in need can use the Nederland Food Pantry and/or the Nederland Clothing Closet.  Both the Pantry (Room 106) and the Closet (Room 101) are located in the West Wing of the Nederland Community Center.

Food Pantry Specifics


Pantry Shopping Hours 
Every Saturday – 10 am – 12 pm
Every 4th Thursday – 10 am – 12 pm along with the monthly Human Services Fair

Everyone is welcome! Masks are required.
The Pantry is open during distribution or by appointment.  (720) 418-0892

We support pop-up pantries in Ward, Jamestown, Left Hand, Bar K, (on Sat.), and Four Mile (on Weds.).

On your first visit, we ask you to bring proof of your home address.  One or more of the current, following may be used:

  • Drivers license or State identification card
  • Utility bill
  • Rental/lease agreement
  • Paystub with address

Should you not have one of these forms of identification contact the Food Pantry for additional information.  Periodically all clients may be asked for proof of residency.

After verification of residency, a volunteer will create a Pantry card with your name, address, phone number (if applicable) and the number of people in your household (people directly related to you).  For our funding purposes, you will be asked on each subsequent visit to sign your card and the Pantry’s sign-in sheet.

The amount of non-perishable food for each client to take home is limited only by the size of the household.  Non-perishable food is supplemented by choices of proteins, bread, and fresh produce.  For those clients on medically restricted diets, we try to offer a small selection of non-perishable foods as well.

When resources permit, the pantry strives to provide a supplemental “Non-Resident Bag” to those spending time in our neighboring forest on a monthly basis.  Visitors are asked to provide a current picture ID and sign our Camper Registration log.

Clothing Closet Specifics

The Clothing Closet is open during Pantry distribution times or by appointment.

To make an appointment, email Annette Treufeldt-Franck

If Everyone Gives A Little – Everyone Can Thrive!

The Nederland Food Pantry:

• Relies on the generosity of our individual donors
• Seeks assistance from agencies, foundations and organizations
• Solicits donations from businesses

Where to Get Help!

For more human services resources along the Peak to Peak go to